#YesWeCode x Dream Corps: Coding Corps 2017 Graduation at Zendesk SF - Van Jones & Vien Truong

On December 11th, 2017, Van Jones, Vien Truong and the #YesWeCode family and Zendesk celebrated the achievements of our newest cohort. Coding Corps Marin is a pilot program blending in-person learning communities around online technical curriculums. Our scholars have spent the past eight months, and over 800 individual hours, training to enter the tech field as software engineers. View the full live streaming video at Zendesk SF, featuring Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane & Dream Corps President, Van Jones.

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VERGE influencers offer reasons to be hopeful in 2018

As part of our annual year-end survey of VERGE influencers and partners, we recently asked the question: What technology or development makes you hopeful for sustainability in the year ahead? 

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Vien Truong for San Francisco Magazine December 2017

Vien Truong is the new CEO of Dream Corps, where she work to make the world a greener, healthier, better place. In the short time I spent with her it was clear how truly passionate she was about her work and her life long home of Oakland. Interview:  Joanne Furio; Photo Credit: Derek Yarra, SF Magazine



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High Level Wisdom Podcast: Where CEOs and Millenials Meet - Episode 51 & Episode 52 Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps & Green For All

Vien Truong lands in Oakland in the 80’s during the crack era. Goes from nothing to advising on billions of dollars in public investments for energy and community development programs. And not done… Striving for perfection? Why? And are boys and girls raised differently when it comes to leadership? 

Click through to listen to her words of wisdom for Millenials. 

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ATTN: New mini-series features moms on the frontlines of pollution

Post by attn.

Green For All partnered with ATTN: to release a new mini-series featuring the stories of women who are raising their families on the frontlines of pollution. These moms are mobilizing to fight Trump's attacks on clean air and water because these attacks are personal.  

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Tests show that lead levels in Bay Area drinking water are not dangerous

Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps, speaks at a news conference by local groups in Oakland, Calif. on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017 to launch a new campaign to remove lead from drinking water at Oakland schools.

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Vien Truong on Lack of Diversity in Tech - Reality Check WURD Radio Podcast with Charles Ellison

Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps, explains why lack of diversity in tech may have been one factor contributing to Russian hacking of social media. Hosted by Charles Ellison #onWURD Radio

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A Coalition of Angry Moms Want Congress to Fix the EPA

At the end of September 2017, women in Congress received a special delivery. An open letter signed by 100 women—including Alfre Woodard, Bozoma Saint John, and Ashley Judd—urged the legislative ladies to guard the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is in danger of losing a third of its budget under the Trump administration.

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Van Jones on Vien Truong in Beyond The Messy Truth, NYT Best Selling Book

"She and her network of advocates have already implemented policy ideas that took a billion dollars from polluters and invested that money to uplift the poorest and most polluted communities in the state. Vien is a young woman with a remarkable story, one that has made her the ideal champion for using clean-energy solutions to help ordinary people earn a living and save money." - Van Jones, President & Founder of Dream Corps 

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