This Mother’s Day, Let’s Celebrate Moms Fighting Injustice

Afeni Shakur, the civil rights activist and former Black Panther, successfully overcame drug addiction to become of the country’s most heralded mothers. Her strength and life story inspired the work of her son, Tupac Shakur. His song “Dear Mama” remains the unofficial hip hop anthem on Mother’s Day. The song still makes me tear up thinking about the struggles moms go through for their kids — the sacrifices my own mom made for us.

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Porter Ranch Panel Full Video

Panama Papers Prove America Has the Money to Transition to 100% Clean Energy


Last week, the IRS asked anyone who might be exposed in the Panama Papers to come forward before they get caught. And for good reason—America is a hotbed of tax evasion.

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The Million Person Project

Our Director Vien Truong talks about why she's so passionate about our work to make #polluterspay, and how we can invest that money in all of our communities! For Vien, it's personal! #fixflint

No Criminal Charges for Gov. Snyder in Flint Water Crisis


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed criminal charges against two state Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) employees and one Flint city worker yesterday for their role in the Flint water crisis. One name that was noticeably absent from the list: Gov. Rick Snyder.

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New Campaign Calls For Polluters ‘To Pay For What They Break’


Environmental pollution used to be an inconsequential act for industries and communities. Yet as science has evolved and explained the many effects of pollution, including climate change, the notion of having a free pass to pollute has ended.

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Q&A with Vien Truong: Once a refugee, now fighter of poverty and pollution


Earth Day, on April 22, is a moment for us to reflect on how we’re protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, the species that share our habitats, and the spectacular landscapes we cherish. In honor of Earth Day 2016, the Hewlett Foundation is showcasing seven grantees who are working to help make the planet more sustainable. We’re rolling out a weeklong Q&A series with up-and-coming leaders who are passionate about the environment.

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