High Level Wisdom Podcast: Where CEOs and Millenials Meet - Episode 51 & Episode 52 Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps & Green For All

Vien Truong lands in Oakland in the 80’s during the crack era. Goes from nothing to advising on billions of dollars in public investments for energy and community development programs. And not done… Striving for perfection? Why? And are boys and girls raised differently when it comes to leadership? 

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Vien on High Level Wisdom Podcast: Episode 51 & Episode 52

Show Notes - Episode 51

Vien Truong, CEO of The Dream Corps, talks about her family arriving in the US as refugees from Vietnam.  [07:20]

Growing up during the crack years in Oakland, California  [08:17]

The turning point in Vien’s young life  [09:46]

Why Vien went into politics  [10:20]

Who are the best minds of The Dream Corps?  [18:35]

Why Vien thinks the millennial generation is misdiagnosed as the “me” generation  [23:20]

On the increasing segmentation of our community  [24:33]

What is the #YesWeCode initiative and how is it helping create more diversity in the tech sector?  [26:43]

Social justice concerns in the time of robotics  [27:19]

What does data dummy mean?  [29:45]

Having so much data and so little wisdom: A problematic situation  [30:34]

On the gaps in nonprofit leadership  [33:02]

The importance of having mentors  [36:41]


Show Notes - Episode 52

Is the struggle for a perfect work-life balance detrimental?  [03:18]

What is it that baby boomers have done better than millennials?  [04:02]

On the benefits of asking for input as a leader  [05:50]

How social media can have an adverse effect on young leaders and prevent them from taking bigger risks  [07:18]

How are girls raised differently from boys and does this difference show up decades later in leadership styles?  [08:23]

The path of a leader: Vien’s powerful tip for emerging leaders  [10:41]

An excellent advice Vien received from the pre-eminent educator Pedro Noguera [12:06]

Vien expounds on her empowering motto: “Dare to play bigger” [13:52]

I explain my own motto and personal challenge: “Be a better man today than you were yesterday”  [15:45]

7 practical tips for the millennial eyeing the C-suite  [19:16]

On not being afraid to dream big  [21:25]

A strong argument for getting into politics and policy  [24:19]

The many triumphs of The Dream Corps in 2017  [26:46]

What’s in store for The Dream Corps: Bringing the country together and moving the country forward.  [29:24]



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