ATTN: New mini-series features moms on the frontlines of pollution

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Green For All partnered with ATTN: to release a new mini-series featuring the stories of women who are raising their families on the frontlines of pollution. These moms are mobilizing to fight Trump's attacks on clean air and water because these attacks are personal.  

Since taking office, Trump has tried to rollback every major clean air and water protection we have. One of his efforts includes gutting funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -- a decision that Congress will be voting on very soon.

Melissa Mays, Flint:

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Please call your representatives and tell them to GET SERIOUS about protecting our kids and communities from pollution. They're about to vote on a federal budget that would cut funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deeper than any other agency (a 31% cut!).

Tell your representatives to fund the EPA: 

(202) 335-1787

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