Vien Discusses Trump's Stance on NAFTA

The Flint Water Crisis Is Far From Over: They Still Need New Pipes


Green For All wants to deliver $500,000 directly to Flint families and raise awareness of environmental injustice across the United States.
“If there’s anything called fake news, the news that everything is fine in Flint is the fakest of fake news.” [Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images]

Three years ago, the city of Flint, Michigan, in search of a cheaper water supply, connected its system to the nearby Flint River. The switch was meant to be temporary; as such, officials neglected to treat the water flowing into the pipes to ensure it wouldn’t cause corrosion.

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These Mothers Are Fighting Climate Change for Their Children - Vien Truong, Oakland CA

The Peoples Climate March is a march for climate, jobs and justice. It’s about intersectional movement building, intergenerational struggle, and the right to clean water, breathable air, and economic opportunity. These mothers demonstrate not only the breadth of our collective, but the wisdom of our cause. We all have much to learn from why they march.

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This Is What a Trump Carbon Tax Would Look Like


President Donald Trump may finally be ready to cut some deals. After an embarrassing month that saw him unable to rally his own party around a health care bill, he appears to realize he can’t govern with Republicans alone.

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