Mark Ruffalo, Van Jones petition in Flint water crisis to fix service lines


FLINT, MI - Actor Mark Ruffalo has been joined by political commentator Van Jones and Vien Truong in a petition calling for Gov. Rick Snyder to fix all the pipes in the city as a result of the Flint water crisis.

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Star power to fight the Flint crisis: Green For All’s campaign with Mark Ruffalo and Van Jones to help residents of the suffering city


As the initial shock of the lead-poisoning emergency in Flint, Michigan has worn off, media coverage has shifted away from conditions in the city and increasingly focused on contentious and politically charged official hearings. But in Flint, the crisis continues.

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Mark Ruffalo urges President Obama to act on Flint water crisis


FLINT, MI - After hearing stories from those in the community of losing children, rashes, and other complications Flint residents have tied to the city's water crisis, actor Mark Ruffalo took the podium at St. Michael's Catholic Church.

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Activist Van Jones Joins Artists For Bus Tour Leading Crisis Response In Flint


The morning after the Democratic Presidential Debate will draw the nation’s attention to Flint, Michigan. Green For All will assemble a diverse group of activists and artists to join the Support For Flint’s Future Bus Tour. The tour will begin on Monday, March 7 at 9 a.m. EST, making several site visits across Flint to call attention, bear witness and share solutions for the ongoing Flint Water Crisis.

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Mark Ruffalo, activists to tour Flint in support of city in water crisis


FLINT, MI - Actor Mark Ruffalo will be joined by activists during the "Support For Flint" Bus Tour next week to get a first-hand look at the impact of the city's water crisis and share potential solutions.

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The Power Shifter: Vien Truong


Green cred: Truong heads up Green For All. The organization, founded by Van Jones in 2008, advocates for clean energy, green jobs, and income equality. Truong, Green For All, and a coalition of environmental justice organizations joined forces for California’s SB 535, a bill signed into law in 2012, that requires polluters — from power plants to coal projects to oil industries — to clean up or pay up.

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Major Poll Shows African Americans Support Clean Energy, Clean Jobs, & Clean Power Plan


The NRDC recently published Themes and Findings from a Survey of African-Americans on Climate and Clean Energy. The press release shared that ⅔ of African-Americans believe global warming is a serious problem. This major poll shows African-Americans think shifting to clean energy will create jobs and hold down electric bills.

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Poll shows Blacks are concerned about global warming


( — Two-thirds of African Americans believe global warming is a serious problem, they want action more than the population at large and they overwhelmingly support the Clean Power Plan to address the growing climate crisis, a major new poll released on Nov. 5 shows.

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