VERGE influencers offer reasons to be hopeful in 2018

As part of our annual year-end survey of VERGE influencers and partners, we recently asked the question: What technology or development makes you hopeful for sustainability in the year ahead? 

The 17 responses we received — from experts within large corporations, utilities, academe, NGOs, investors and incubators across a broad range of sectors, including energy, buildings, transportation, logistics, cities and tech — generally were optimistic and cautious.

The rise of the electrification of cars, trucks and buses in combination with an increasingly cleaner power grid was a common refrain among most. Other inspiring market-driven actions in energy, cities, water, buildings and even solutions via emerging tech such as the blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence hold promise in 2018 and beyond.

The following are their responses, edited for length and clarity, and organized by theme.

Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps

What gives me more hope than ever is the increased energy people are putting into solutions. There are more global discussions now around solutions. People are increasingly becoming clear that they have to be the leaders that they have been waiting for — and stepping into that role of leadership. Companies and influencers are increasingly using their resources and influence to support causes. People are increasingly seeking to find work that is more meaningful and aligned to their purpose. There is a shift in energy around the world to help with moving us all towards justice. 

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