Paris Climate Accord: The Future Depends on Us


Green For All’s director, Vien Truong, is participating in the European Commission’s Green Week in Brussels, where she is meeting with top European leaders to discuss the promise of advancing a green economy and the importance of avoiding Trump’s disastrous environmental policies.

Donald Trump announced today that he is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate agreement. This could reverse years of climate progress globally. 
What is happening in Washington is not reflective of what is happening in the country at large. As Trump looks to send us backwards environmentally and economically, we must step forward. We are here to support you at the state and local level. 
Several cities, states and business leaders have already stepped forward. Now we need you to as well.
Green For All's director, Vien Truong, said, "People in communities like mine, who are living on the frontlines of some of the worst pollution in America, cannot afford to delay a transition to the new green economy or for climate justice. Prioritizing big oil profits over people and planet is literally killing our kids. Whether Trump steps backwards or aside -- we will rise. All across our nation, states, private industry and advocacy groups are coming together to step up where Trump’s administration has failed. Working together, we can create a world that we want. This climate fight is about a new energy system that will heal the planet and improve people’s health. It is about putting Americans to work building a more sustainable future. It’s about safeguarding a future for our kids. Despite Trump’s waffling on our global climate commitments, Green For All remains resolute in the fight against climate change.” 
Join us in our unrelenting push #AFutureToFightFor. One voice, louder together. 


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