WA Carbon Tax - Does it Have To Be Perfect?

Vien Truong, Green for All/Dream Corps joins Thom. This is the major issue at stake right now in Washington State. It all has to do with a ballot measure that Washington residents will vote on in just two weeks: Initiative 732. If passed - Initiative 732 - or I-732 - would create a $15 per ton tax on carbon - which would then be raised to $25 after one year. To compensate for the costs this tax to working people, I-732 would create - a 1 percent reduction in Washington's sales tax as well as a tax credit of $1,500 for some families on the lower end of the income scale. Sounds pretty good - right? James Hansen - one of the world's leading premier climate scientists thinks so, too -- which is why he's endorsed it. But not everyone thinks Initiatve 732 is such a great idea. Many Washington Sate environmentalists actually oppose the measure and want to kill it on election. Seriously - I'm not kidding. Some enviromentalists oppose a ballot measure that would put in place the first carbon tax in the nation. So is this just a case of making the perfect the enemy of the good - or is there actually a good reason for people who care about stopping climate change to oppose Initiative 732?

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