ANNOUNCEMENT: Vien Truong receives White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity Award


On Friday July 15th, Vien Truong was honored with the White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity Award for her work to end environmental racism and empower communities of color to join the fight against climate change. Truong is the director of Green For All, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Truong’s dedication to support disadvantaged communities stemmed from her own life experiences. Truong grew up the youngest of 11 kids to a refugee family that fled from Vietnam. Her parents worked in Oregon picking strawberries. Later they worked at sweatshops, where she grew up in the heavily polluted region of Oakland, California, known as the “toxic triangle.”

Truong continues to lead in climate equity efforts in collaboration with a coalition called the Clean Power for All Collaborative, which is mobilizing to make sure that the EPA’s first national initiative to regulate greenhouse gases is used as an opportunity to clean up and reinvest in polluted communities.

Author: The International Examiner 

Photo credit: Green For All

Source: The International Examiner 


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